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With Advanced Multimedia Features

Virtual Exhibitions

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Multimedia Virtual Exhibitions


3D exhibitions with advanced features

Holding virtual exhibitions is one of the best opportunities for business owners to use up-to-date and efficient multimedia information technology to offer their products and services to the audience indefinitely. Everything that is limited and costly in physical exhibitions does not exist in virtual exhibitions. Limitations in time and space, heavy costs of renting space, equipment, transportation, decoration, printing and environmental advertising, distance from the company or business, forgetting services and products from the minds of customers presented over time and... None of them are present in permanent virtual exhibitions and the audience can view and review the products or services of businesses at any time and share them with others.

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Virtual exhibition of Iranian school, Iranian architecture
Virtual Expo INNOROAD
Virtual Expo of Iranshahr art gallery
Virtual Expo of Iranshahr art gallery
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Panoman Digital Design and Creativity Studio offers the most advanced solutions for designing virtual exhibitions in Iran, and with smart and efficient solutions, has opened the hands of business owners to introduce their services and products to customers.
Designed and produced by Panoman Studio, the virtual exhibitions are a combination of professional and impressive 3D environments with unique multimedia information capabilities.
These exhibitions are easily visible on the mobile, tablet and computer of users, and there is no need to install any software, large downloads or do anything special by users.
The cost of making these exhibitions is much lower due to the combination of 3D and 2D graphics compared to 3D modeling of products and they are ready for operation in a much shorter time.
The introduction of products and services in virtual exhibitions made by Panoman is done in a diverse and extensive way. Several types of video clips, still photos and photo galleries, speech, maps and plans, textual information, polls, display of web pages in the virtual exhibition, links to the shopping cart of online stores, display of charts and infographics, placement of various catalogs and brochures with the possibility of downloading,... are among the features of these exhibitions, which are presented to the audience in an attractive and eye-catching way, and create a pleasant experience for them in visiting the virtual exhibition.
All items desired by business owners can be placed in 3D spaces and each item can be clicked individually. After clicking, different types of information mentioned about the desired product or service can be displayed.

Another very useful and important feature that can be presented in Panoman virtual exhibitions is the possibility of audio and video communication and online conference between the pavilion owners and visitors. This unique feature includes the possibility of two-way communication between administrators and one or an unlimited number of customers by audio and video. Navigation in the exhibition space can be done by the owner of the pavilion or any guest with the approval of the pavilion owner. For example, the booth owner can direct the audience to a specific part of the booth or exhibition space and display a variety of products and information to them.


Live Guided Tours   

Take your customers to any desired point of your business virtually and provide them with your desired explanation by audio and video. Click on any of the items in the image, such as your products, and tell the full description and details of that product to the audience and viewers of your virtual tour.

Virtual Exhibitions Portfolio

Virtual exhibition of innovative and creative designs of the Roads and Transportation Organization

Virtual exhibition of

Innovative and creative designs of the Roads and Transportation Organization of Iran

During the transportation week in December 2021, the first virtual exhibition of innovative and creative designs of the Roads and Transportation Organization was opened by the order of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran.
Iranian school, Iranian architecture expo

National virtual exhibition of

Iranian school, Iranian architecture

The ninth national conference and virtual exhibition of Iranian school, Iranian architecture was held on March 2, 2021 in Tehran Academy of Arts. The virtual exhibition was unveiled in the presence of the Iranian Minister of Education.
innoroad2020 vexpo

Virtual exhibition of


The virtual exhibition of the first specialized road event INNOROAD 2020 was unveiled at the same time with the commemoration of the week of transportation, drivers and road day on December 16, 2020 in the presence of the Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development.

Visrtual expo for

Iranshahr artworks

iranshahr vision

Visrtual expo for

Iranshahr artworks


Visrtual expo for

Iranshahr artworks

Donyaye Pardazesh co. products virtual expo

Virtual expo of

Donyaye Pardazesh co. products

Donyaye Pardazesh Company is a knowledge-based and leading company in the field of research / design / manufacturing and production of electronic systems. In this virtual expo, we get acquainted with the products of this company.

iranian pharma society expo

Virtual expo of

I'm a pharmacist

The virtual exhibition “I am a pharmacist” was designed by the order of the Scientific Association of Iranian Pharmacy Students and sponsored by INOCLON Company with the aim of introducing the media works of pharmacy students.

3D Expo Environments

نمایشگاه مجازی
Salon 1
نمایشگاه مجازی چند رسانه ای
Salon 2
نمایشگاه مجازی چند رسانه ای- پلتفرم شماره3
Salon 3
نمایشگاه مجازی چند رسانه ای- پلتفرم شماره4
Salon 4
نمایشگاه مجازی چند رسانه ای- پلتفرم شماره5
Salon 5

Features of Panoman Virtual Exhibitions:

ویدئو در غرفه های مجازی
Video display on TVs and virtual monitors
کلیپهای ویدیویی
Pop up video clips
جلوه های ویژه
Virtual catalogs and brochures with download capability
Text info on 360 images or as pop up windows
گالری عکس
Image galleries
توضیحات صوتی و گفتار
Narrations and audio descriptions
حضور مجازی در غرفه
Live guided expos
قالب ریسپانسیو
Responsive design
قابل مشاهده در هدست ها و عینکهای VR
Support for VR headsets
قابلیت چند رزولوشن
Multi-resolution 360 images
Expo building plans with clickable locations
چند زبانه
نمایش خودکار
Customizable autoplay
مشاهده صفحات وب
Webframes (view web pages in pop up windows)
مشاهده فایلهای PDF
Pop up PDF files
فهرست شرکت کنندگان در نمایشگاه
Index of all participants
خروجی html5
HTML5 output compatible with all smart devices
Attractive templates
فلاش راهنما
Guide arrows to suggest visit paths to visitors
مشاهده آفلاین
Downloadable for offline view
Windows EXE output
اشتراک گذاری
Direct share on social media
اطلاعات بیشتر
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