Live Guided Tours + Online Conferencing

In Panoman virtual tours and exhibitions

کنفرانس آنلاین در تورهای مجازی و نمایشگاههای مجازی

Live communication between you and your customers in a desirable and effective way

You can easily communicate with your customers and audience by using the live communication feature in virtual tours and virtual exhibitions.


Take customers to any desired point of your business virtually and provide the desired explanation to them using audio and video. Click on any items on the images, such as your products, and give full descriptions and details to the audience and viewers of the virtual tour or virtual exhibition.

live conference in virtual tours

How it works...

With live communication and online conference feature in Panoman virtual tours and exhibitions, you can log in the virtual tour as the tour admin. All users will then see that you are online and request a link if you wish. After you confirm, they will join the live chat session. You can share your webcam and microphone image with users. Users are also able to share their audio and video if they wish. You are able to take control and navigation of the tour (rotate, move between different points and places, click on clickable items and open notification windows, etc.) for all users or let them freely move around. You can even grant the tour control and navigation to each of your guests to take control of the tour for everyone and let everyone to receive his/her voice and webcam video. You can disconnect the audio and webcam of any connected user at any time. You can also keep the session busy so that other new users cannot join. Communications in this feature is a peer-to-peer connection and is also supported by the powerful Panoman cloud servers located around the world.


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