Virtual tour of Shiraz tourist attractions

Photographer: Mohammad Jamei

Tomb of Hafez

Shiraz is the cultural capital of Iran and the source of literature and poetry. Presence of important historical monuments in Shiraz is a proof to this fact. Using panorama photography, we made great virtual tours of Shiraz tourist attractions. Have fun in your virtual visit to Shiraz!



Holy shrine of Shahe Cheragh

Including the holy shrine of Seyyed Mir Mohammad and Jame Atigh mosque

Eram garden

Afifabad garden

Nasir Almolk mosque

Vakil bazaar and Saray-e Moshir

Vakil traditional bath

Vakil mosque

Jahan Nama garden

Delgosha garden

Quran gate

Ghavam orangery

Zinat Almolk house

Arg-e Karim Khan

Pars museum

Haft Tanan

Khan school

Chamran blvd.

Natural history and tech museum of Shiraz university