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Smart search in virtual tours

In the infinite world of the Internet, it is difficult and almost impossible to find something without using search facilities. From the general search on the Internet by search engines such as Google to the specific search on multiple and different platforms on the web, each of them needs an intelligent background to better guide users to the content they need.

One of the important and practical features that has recently been added to Panoman virtual tours is the possibility of smart search in the content of virtual tours. By typing a few letters of the desired term in the search box, users can see a list of suggested 360 media that contain the searched term. One example of a published 360 degree virtual tour that uses smart search functionality is Virtual tour of Imam Hossein (AS) Hospital In this 360 degree tour, by typing the word kidney, the views of the dialysis department are offered to the user, or by typing the word image, 360 views of Radiology and CT scan are suggested to the user. Also with Smart routing and automatic navigation, users can easily view and navigate to the desired section. In another example of a hospital virtual reality tour, since hospital departments have different and synonymous titles (such as imaging, photography, CTscan, CT Scan), users can enter the name of the corresponding view by typing a few letters from each of the above terms and see the same relevant results.

smart search in virtual tours
Users can view and select the relevant media by typing any synonymous phrases with their desired title

Also, in virtual tours of places that have different sections, search results are displayed to the user separately for each section. As in the image below, the label of the relevant section is displayed at the beginning of the search results:

search in virtual tours
Search results are displayed separately for different sections

The development of this useful feature was done by the programmers of Panoman Studio, and can be fully implemented in the desktop and mobile skins of 3DVista virtual tours.