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Welcome to the Virtual tour of Eram garden in Shiraz, Iran which includes 360 degree panorama images with garden plan, narration and text information. This beautiful garden is located in Shiraz city, Fars province, Iran.

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The paradise looking Eram garden is visited every year by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Eram garden is in northeast of Shiraz near Shiraz university complex. This garden is the common point of Iranian traditional architecture and the beauties of nature. The beauty of this garden not only belongs to spring but to all seasons of the year. At the end of April and beginning of May, the beauty of the garden is at its highest level. Eram garden was built in Seljukian era. The present building of the garden was built by Mirza Hassan Ali Khan Nasir Almolk. The garden was years ago given to Shiraz University and since then has been used as the botany college of the university. The building of the garden has three stories. The bottom story has a pool for use in the hot days of summer. The upper stories have stone pillars in front which have added to the beauty of the building.

On the face of the building, crescent shaped constructions and vaults are available. The middle one has the picture of Naser Addin Shah on a white horse painted on it. On the other ones there are illustrations of old Iranian tales. There are 8 monolithic flat stones on the face of the building each of them being two meters tall. There are poems of famous Iranian poets, Hafez, Sadi and Shorideh Shirazi written on these stones.

The tall and famous Sarv-e Naz (Cypress) of Shiraz is standing in front of the building. Several hundred types of scares flowers, plants and trees are available in this garden.

Join the many visitors of the paradisal world heritage Eram garden with a virtual tour. This attractive virtual tour includes narration, map and plan of the garden and text information.

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