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Ideal chain stores eshop

As one of the largest online supermarkets in Shiraz, Ideal e-shop is the source for easy purchase of everyday needs of citizens. Having several thousand goods, it meets almost all the needs and demands of customers. This website uses one of the world famous eCommerce platforms with a nice shopping experience for customers and great functionality for administrators.

Virtual tourism in Shiraz city and Fars province portal

Virtual tourism in 130 historical and cultural attractions of Shiraz city and Fars province using virtual tours, video clips, photos, maps and text information. This grand portal is a multimedia collection of information about the historical attractions of Fars province

Bishapour historical and cultural heritage website

As a primary reference to information about the cultural and historical town of Bishapour in Fars province, Iran, this website includes classified info regarding the history and the present status of Bishapour.

Sassanid archaeological landscape of Fars province

Being on the verge of registration by UNESCO as world heritage sites, the monuments in Firoozabad, Sarvestan and Bishapour historical towns are described in this bilingual website for researchers and scholars of archeology.

Iranian Medical tours

Having skillful specialists and modern medical facilities, Iran is a pioneer country in offering medical and clinical services to patients from all over the world. This website is offers reception to patients with needs for various types of medical services and is available in English, Arabic and Persian.

Artemis Gasht Tour

A multilingual website offered in 6 languages (English, French, German, Persian, Chinese and Arabic) which focuses on tourism in Iran. Information about Iranian culture, cities, celebrations,.. as well as different types of tours such as cultural and natural tours of Iran are among the offered services by this website.

Iran Toy Store online toyshop

This online toyshop includes the latest online shopping features and capabilties to meet the demands of both customers and shop owners and brings about a nice online business experience.