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We are a team of professional Android Windows and web-based applications developers which specially work on multimedia apps and virtual tourism solutions. We use various data formats in our projects to maximize impression on our audience. Once your customers receive a nice looking and high performance application dedicated to your business and see virtual tours, video clips, narration, 360 degree objects, texts and maps of your business, they get impressed and the name of your business is recorded in their minds almost forever!

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In today’s world digital gadgets including smart phones and tablets are so widespread and common among people in different countries that require special consideration by business owners to reserve a place in these gadgets for introducing their business to potential customers around the world. One new perfect method of advertising is to have a dedicated Android and Windows application available to customers that can be easily downloaded and installed on their devices. These apps are capable of displaying new and impressive data formats to users such as virtual tours of places, 360 degree object photos from products, video clips with voice narrations, text information, maps, still photos, etc. These various types together with a high quality designed application ensure maximum impression on users.

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Android applications

High quality designed multimedia apps for Android that inspire users, would be a perfect way to advertise your business


Microsoft Windows applications

Eye-catching multimedia Windows apps for desktop PC users is a remarkable way to be right in the hands of customers


Web based multimedia applications

Great multimedia websites or webpages that introduce your business in a fashionable manner!


Virtual tours

360 degree spherical panoramas and virtual tours make your business open 24x7 to customers!





Virtual travel to Shiraz


A nice app for the historical city of Shiraz in Iran and a model for tourism industry. High quality virtual tours (with minimum possible file size to keep download size low), still photos, music, Persian narration, online maps and text information makes it an attractive reference for tourism lovers.

This great application has the following features:
-Introducing 22 historical monuments of Shiraz city
-Virtual tours of introduced places
-Selected photos of attractions
-Online maps of attractions
-Bilingual (English & Persian)
-Poems about Shiraz city
-Elegant user interface

Free Download:

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Virtual Tour of Eram Garden


Join thousands of tourists who visit the paradisal world heritage Eram garden in Shiraz, Iran with a virtual tour. This attractive virtual tour includes narration, plan of the garden and text information as well.

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Shahe Cheragh Virtual Tour


An attractive multimedia app that virtually takes users to the holy shrine of Shahe Cheragh in Shiraz, Iran. Using 360 degree spherical panorama images with perfect graphical interface made this app a perfect choice for many Muslims in Iran to virtually visit the holy shrine.

Free Download:

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Virtual Tour to Japan


An attractive multimedia app that virtually takes users to the historical attractions of Japan.